Athlete of the MonthAugust


Career: Process Planner

Years at CrossFit Anazao: 2

"I really enjoy working out in the class format. It really makes all the difference for me"

Tell us a little about yourself.

  • Let’s see… The Valley has been my home for a long time. For the last 15 years I’ve worked at Cadence Inc in Staunton. I love hiking with my wife and our dogs, getting in a round of golf when I can and enjoying our local breweries. My fitness has really been all over the place for awhile. My amazing wife asked me to try this CrossFit thing with her years ago and the rest is history.

What are your goals for CrossFit? Why do you do CrossFit?

  • Improving my form and my cardio endurance. Honestly, I do CrossFit because I really enjoy working out in the class format. It really makes all the difference for me.

What are your favorite movements to do in a workout? What are your least favorite?

  • FAVS: Anything with Squats! Double unders…now that I can do them, Toes to bar, Cleans (Power & Hang), and also Push-ups.
  • NOT FAVS: Burpees and Lunges. The first one irritates my MS and the other shows off my weakness.

What do you think is special about CrossFit Anazao?

  • Hands down the people. The coaches are awesome! They really go above and beyond to make sure that your time spent in the gym is enjoyable and uplifting. And all of that feeds into Anazao feeling more like your family than just some random gym members.

A note from one of our coaches:

  • Brian is an absolute joy to coach. He bring humor and a quick wit to our 5:30am crew.
    He is always ready to give a helpful tip to his fellow athletes to help them find success
    and he is open to coaching critiques to help him dial in his form and mechanics.  Brian
    also impresses the coaches with his work ethic and determination.  No matter the
    workout, he shows up and puts in the work to help battle his MS.  Even if the workout
    includes exercises that are difficult for him, he works with the coaches to make
    modifications to still be able to move and control his health.  At CrossFit Anazao, we tell
    our athletes to “Own The Fight”, meaning that whatever obstacle or challenge is in front
    of you, take it on and give it all you got.  Brian exemplifies that each day.  We are happy
    to have him as a cornerstone in our community!

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