Athlete of the MonthJune

Emily Shaber

Career: Registered Dietitian

Years at CrossFit Anazao: 4

"I always leave feeling better than when I came in!"

Tell us a little about yourself.

  • Hello, I’m Emily! My husband, Aaron, and I hail from Richmond, but we have lived here in the beautiful valley for almost 10 years. Half a lifetime ago I was a competitive swimmer, and I dabbled in triathlons, but that’s the extent of my fitness experience. Outside of the gym I love a good nap, a good beer, and good food, plus road biking, swimming, hiking, taking photos, and hanging with our lazy dog, Riley. In the fall we can be found traveling to Clemson football games (pre-pandemic) to cheer on the Tigers!! I work as a registered dietitian with a goal of taking down diet culture & treating disordered eating. Pro secret – I promise we really don’t care what you eat as long as you share some if it’s good. :)

What are your goals for CrossFit? Why do you do CrossFit?

  • I’m here for the social hour and endorphins first, but it’s fun to get a little stronger or faster here & there!

What are your favorite movements to do in a workout? What are your least favorite?

  • FAVS: Overhead squats, rowing, Handstand Push-Ups and barbell cycling. Love-hate on burpees. I’m told that I’m primarily good at some things because I’m short!! – LOL.
  • NOT FAVS: Sit-ups, deadlifts, and especially double unders. They bite back :(

What do you think is special about CrossFit Anazao?

  • I love the community! There’s always an atmosphere of encouragement plus the opportunity to get better. I’m used to avoiding things I’m not good at & also complaining about it. Loudly. This is one place where you feel more encouraged to work on weaknesses. The people and the positive energy are the best. We can commiserate about a tough workout together, but we also encourage each other in the process! I always leave feeling better than when I came in!

A note from one of our coaches:

  • When Emily isn’t busy dodging photos, you can find her quietly destroying every workout she comes across. She’s strong, humble, and puts in the work day in and day out. Her sense of humor and giant snuggie hoodie is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s faces when she shows up to class. Our evening classes just wouldn’t be the same without her. While Emily strongly dislikes being the center of attention, we thank her for allowing us to spotlight how awesome of an athlete she is for the month of June. Keep killin’ it, girl!

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