Athlete of the MonthAugust

Gary Fuhrman

Career: Electrical Engineer

Years at CrossFit Anazao: 5

"I can't thank everyone enough for the years of welcoming me into your home and treating me like a normal member"

Tell us a little about yourself!

  • I don’t live in Fishersville, or Augusta County, or even Virginia… I live in Pennsylvania and work for a small chocolate company in Hershey as an Electrical Engineer. I live in a small town, Lebanon, where I started my CrossFit addiction in 2013 at my ‘home’ gym CF Acernus. Acernus in Latin means Maple which was the street we started out on. The gym moved 4 more times until we ended up where we are today. I got my L1 in 2017 but only get to teach at most one day a week. I travel for my job, some would argue too much, but I enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people. I am married to a wonderful wife Jill who has been to Anazao on a few occasions. We have two cats and too many cars. Aside from CrossFit I enjoy off-roading my Jeep, working on classic cars, carpentry, and beach time not necessarily in that order…

What are your current goals and why do you do CrossFit?

  • Stay unbroken… and not necessarily in the rep scheme! I still feel more fit at 49 than I was at 29 though. I would love to work on more OLY every week.

What are your favorite movments? How about your least favorite?

  • My favorite has to be overhead anything! Overhead squats and snatches specificially.
  • My LEAST favorite is more feared in double unders and bar muscle-ups.

What do you think is special about CrossFit Anazao?

  • The people, their coaching, and welcoming atmosphere from everyone. I have taken a lot of what I have learned at Anazao back to my own coaching style.

Free write! Anything you wish to share?

  • I can’t thank everyone enough for the years of welcoming me into your home and treating me like a normal member. I have made lifelong friendships for sure!

A note from one of our coaches…

  • Gary is one of the most positive and upbeat individuals we have at the gym. Every day is a great day to Gary and he lets that carry over into his demeanor and conversations he has with numerous members in our gym. He is quick to listen to our coaches and even offer a coaching critique to help those around him have success. Throughout the years, we have learned that Gary is sincere in his intent and has one of the biggest hearts, whether he is visiting us in Virginia or at home in Pennsylvania! 

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