Athlete of the MonthMay

Keith Ramsey

Career: Segra - Manager of Data Center Infrastructure

Years at CrossFit Anazao: 1

"The opportunity to try new things, lift more weight, and get through workouts faster is fun and exciting"

Tell us a little about yourself.

  • I’m from Stuarts Draft and have been happily married to my wife/workout partner Pam for almost 3 years. I work for Segra as Manager of Data Center Infrastructure, and love to be outside. I enjoy playing soccer, golf, running and Spartan racing. I grew up playing sports, so fitness has always been a part of my life at some level. I’ve been going to a gym regularly for about 6 years, but just started at CrossFit Anazao in January of 2021.

What are your goals for CrossFit? Why do you do CrossFit?

  • My current goals are to do things I was not able to before, whether its stringing together more than 1 kipping pull-up or double under, getting a hand stand pushup or muscle up, or setting a new PR on a lift or a workout. I CrossFit because the workouts push me to my limits and give me new challenges daily. The opportunity to try new things, lift more weight, and get through workouts faster is fun and exciting and keeps me looking forward to coming to the gym each day.

What are your favorite movements to do in a workout? What are your least favorite?

  • I’m always happy to see cardio in a workout, especially running, box jumps, and burpees. I also enjoy pull ups, bench press and deadlifts. Least favorite would have to be overhead squats.

What do you think is special about CrossFit Anazao?

  • It is a really great community of people. The coaches are incredibly involved and really care about seeing each athlete improve and stay healthy through daily guidance on proper form, recommendations for stretching/recovery, and constant encouragement. The other athletes at the gym quickly become like a second family who support and help push each other to reach their goals.

Anything you wish to add?

  • I have to give a shout out to my sister Heather, who has been a member at Anazao for years and was the reason my wife and I came to the gym in the first place.

A note from one of our coaches:

  • Keith is a unique athlete and member in that he loves the challenges that others hate.  He embraces things that he cannot do, seeks them out, circles those workouts in his calendar and attends class to improve on his weaknesses.  He has a constant desire to be better and improve his overall health and wellness and that is contagious to the person working out next to him.  He is a motivator to those around him and he is constantly lifting up others for the entire class.  Super optimistic on life, he brings out the best in others.

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