Deke & Caeden

"We went to our first class and we knew it was what we were looking for"

Deke & Caeden

I had been wanting to get back into working out and lifting again, I was also looking for place to take my 12 year old son to start his journey with lifting and growing stronger.   I spoke to the coaches about our goals and what we wanted to accomplish.  My son Caeden plays on a travel baseball team, and I coach, so our main goal was to build muscle and stamina.  I was assured that the program would be a great start in building the foundation.  I had some reservations on how my son would be accepted, due to his age and equally concerned if Caeden would be intimidated by the program.  Instantly we both knew we had made the right decision.  The team of coaches teach core techniques, they monitor my son’s form and give him the push and sense of drive that is hard to find in an average gym.  Coaching staff is spot on with our technique, they support us and provide a fun environment that makes working out a great time for both he and I.  I have found the time that my son and I share during these workouts has brought us closer, he is MY motivation, we cheer each other on, we compare stats, and together we are growing stronger with each and every workout.  Its hands down the best decision we have made.

My dad and I were looking for a program to help make me stronger for baseball but in general as well.  We went to our first class and we knew it was what we were looking for!  Going to the gym makes my bad days good, it’s making me stronger, it makes running enjoyable, it’s like having a second family there.  CrossFit workouts are fun and enjoyable they motivate me to push myself.  I have found that my hitting in baseball is stronger and my catching is better, faster, and stronger.  I can see a difference in myself.  I also get to workout with my dad, we push each other and it has made us closer!  I love CrossFit Anazao!

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