"My body is so much more capable than I ever thought possible."


I had always wanted to try Crossfit, but was too intimidated. I finally decided to bite the bullet and give it a try. Crossfit Anazao has been such an amazing place. I feel stronger every day and am faced with new exciting challenges every workout. I’ve noticed that everyday tasks have become easier because of the strength I’ve gained in my short time at Anazao. The structure of CrossFit and discipline required has pushed me to become a better athlete. I especially enjoy the olympic weighlifting and powerlifting portions of the workouts – I surprise myself every time with the amount of weight I’m able to lift! My body is so much more capable than I ever thought possible. Since joining CrossFit, my flexibility and mobility have increased, even my posture has improved.

I’m so inspired by everyone’s hard work and love the sense of community Crossfit Anazao offers — I’m excited to come and workout every day because of the support I receive from my fellow athletes and coaches. Even during an incredibly hard strength portion, or metcon, when I just want to wave the white flag, there is always someone there encouraging me. It’s incredible how just a little bit of encouragement helps me find the strength to finish the workout. I feel so lucky to have found a home here at CrossFit Anazao and am so excited to see how much stronger I become, both physically and mentally!

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