Athlete of the MonthMay

Emily Hall

Career: Registered Nurse

Years at CrossFit Anazao: 2

"It's not the gym that keeps me coming back, it's the people in it and the people who run it"

Tell us a little about yourself

  • I grew up in Stuarts Draft and now live in Churchville with my husband and 2 dogs. I am a RN in the OR and work as a scrub, circulator, and charge nurse. My hobbies include riding motorcycles and mountain bikes, gardening, cooking and baking, and doing anything outdoorsy when its warm. I have always worked out and loved to lift heavy (or what I thought was heavy before CrossFit).

What are you current goals and why do you do CrossFit?

  • My current goals are to be able to pick up heavy sh*t and set it back down. And, to always make progress. I CrossFit because Desiree bullied me into coming 2 years ago and now I don’t wanna leave ;-)

What are your favorite movements? How about your least favorite? 

  • Favorite movements: Deadlifts, box jumps & squats.
  • Least favorite: I dislike wall balls. Cause, I can only count a few times when I didn’t accidentally smack myself in the face during the workout…

What do you think is special about CrossFit Anazao?

  • The vibe, energy, sense of community, and empowerment you get when you step through the doors. It’s not the gym that keeps me coming back, it’s the people in it and the people who run it.

A note from one of our coaches:

  • What I love about Emmy is that she comes in like a ball of fire, supercharged and ready to tackle the day and put in work.  She is quick to tell you how she is feeling and what her goal is that day. She is one of those individuals that if you need a laugh, she will give that to you. If you need someone to listen for 5 minutes, she has that covered. If you want to gripe or complain, she will help get you our of your funk. She cares about those around her and she is is willing to go the extra mile for someone else. Thank you for being such a hard worker and dedicated athlete at Anazao! 

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