Jeremy Burkhead

CrossFit Coach/Director of Maintenance
Jeremy Burkhead


  • CrossFit Level 2
  • The Gymnastics Course
  • USA Weightlifting Sports and Conditioning Coach
  • First Aid/AED Certified


My initial introduction to CrossFit was in August of 2014. I didn’t have an athletic background when I started, but discovered a new found excitement for fitness. My exposure to the constantly varied workouts, Olympic weightlifting, and a supportive community inspired my desire to push myself to be better. After nine short months of CrossFit training I decided to take the CrossFit Level 1 trainers course in order to increase my knowledge base and to assist others in reaching their own fitness goals. Watching people increase in strength, advance technique, and improve their quality of life continues to fuel my passion for CrossFit and the benefits it has on all aspects of one’s life.

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